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Meet the

Core values & Philosophy

PURE Yoga in Zandvoort was founded by Valentina Petrovic, a very passionate Yogi. She has been studying yoga for over 18 years and has also been teaching it for 13 years. She is very experienced in different yoga styles and combines these in her classes to create the ultimate beach experience. Her favorite yoga is Bhakti Flow, a style and form of yoga that she still falls in love with every day!


Yoga Teacher Training 2008-2009
YogaGarden in Amsterdam
Marcel van de Vis-Heil, Anat Geiger en Johan Noorloos

Bhakti Flow Yoga from 2011
Urban Flow Yoga in San Fransisco and Athens
Rusty Wells

The Functional Yoga Teacher Training 2018-2019
Yin Yoga Chakra Studies, Philosophy and Anatomy
Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis-Heil

I AM Yoga Nidra Advanced Certified 2021
Amrit Yoga Institute, Kamini Desai

Other experience
Yoga classes, workshops and retreats since 2002 in the Netherlands and internationally

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Valentina over PURE Yoga

‘I love to welcome you to my yoga class by the beach. People tell me all the time that they’re not flexible enough, or not patient enough, or into sports. Well, I say, those are all good reasons to start practicing yoga. I was never a flexible kid, nor do I strive to be the most flexible yogi. Because, who cares?!

I invite you to an open yoga experience – a friendly and joyful way to connect to your breath, start moving, sit together, stretch, get stronger. There is no dogma in my class – no need to perform or achieve anything. We just breathe, move and sit – we stretch, strengthen, relax, with quality of breath. We sit for the sake of sitting. We practice for the JOY of practice… nothing else.

I hope to see you soon.

Love, Valentina’
PURE Yoga Oprichter & teacher

Valentina's classes

Valentina’s yoga classes are accessible, light-hearted and enjoyable. A nice combination of soft flow, dynamic freestyle Vinyasa Yoga, quiet Yin Yoga and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. Supported by a musical, cozy atmosphere and welcoming to everyone. The yoga practice at the beach is enjoyable, refreshing, energizing and relaxing. Come and experience it! View the schedule and directly book your class.